Australian Dehydrated Blood Oranges

Australian Dehydrated Blood Oranges

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All citrus is dehydrated in Emerald Beach, NSW, 2456. The citrus is dehydrated at a temperature of 46 degrees for 24 hours to preserve vitamin C content as much as possible. Keeping them at a low temperatures doesn’t cook our sensitive vitamins.

Storing: Keep dry with no exposure to the sun to preserve the shelf life. The fruit should be stable for 12 months if kept well.

500g jar (1 ltr jar depicted in image)


About the Maker:

Pandora is qualified Nutritionist, raw and vegan Chef, Personal Trainer and passionate about her love of food as medicine and sharing it with everyone.

She has a strong passion for gut health and obtaining vitality from our food. Eating as much Wholefood as possible, including fresh and seasonal produce that is grown locally that doesn’t travel far, reduce processed sugars, fats and salt and processed food, eat more fibre which we get from plants and increase diversity in our diet.

I believe good health is a combination of my 3 Pillars: Nutrition, Lifestyle and inspiration. My goal is to help people learn how to make nutritious food that is good for their health & good for the planet in a quick and easy way that looks good and tastes amazing.

Pandora runs intimate cooking workshops from my purpose built home kitchen in Emerald Beach Northern NSW and provides 1:1 consultations. As well as hosting Nourished Souls Health Retreats with her Partner. I ‘m also privileged to work at the Vegan Cooking School in Mullumbimby NSW during the year as a co-teacher.