Etta Art Print

Etta Art Print

Madison Beaufort Art
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Timeless in not only her beauty but also her grace, Etta holds the history of every generation of womankind, our loves, our hurts, and our prides. Etta has seen the wisdom of young and old, and she embraces her femininity with an unkept gloriousness that should inspire us all.

This gorgeous print is an original illustration which has been created digitally. It's printed on high quality 300gsm premium paper with fade resistant ink. A4 and A3 prints are packaged with cardboard backing in a cellophane bag for protection


About the Artist:

Madi is a Sunny Coast artist obsessed with creativity, adventures, and chocolate. She has always adored women and the power they hold. She was blessed to have been raised and surrounded by strong, intelligent, confident women – who are the reason why she creates art.

In 2021, Madi made a huge commitment to her passion and quit full time work teaching and started selling her prints at her local markets.

Women are her muses and womanhood marvels her. Femininity, and the power of an untamed woman awakens her creativity. Each print has her own story, her own lesson, name and personality. Her prints stand for the lessons she’s learnt in this life, and for the woman who've made her for what she is.