EUGY 3D Puzzle - Shark

EUGY 3D Puzzle - Shark

Dodoland Australia
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Great Whites are the world's largest predatory fish. They have only one known wild predator, which is the orca! Sharks are 'living fossils' meaning they have hardly evolved since existing hundred of million years ago - they're truly a living history! They are also unique for having a sixth sense called electroreceptors that help them hunt and navigate the sea.

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.

So go on...bring home your wild!



Professional travel writer, Hoon, trekked up Mount Everest and saw piles of plastic waiting hundreds of years to decompose, and thought, something had to be done.

With fond memories of playing around in nature as a kid, Hoon wanted to protect it. And so his mission began: to help connect people to our nature and wild, so that we could all work together to protect our beautiful planet.

Upon his return home to New Zealand, he visited his local recycling centre and found stacks of cardboard – one of the most recyclable materials! After testing in his basement garage, the 3D cardboard animal puzzles were born.

To spread the love for our planet, sustainable, fun, safe, and educational EUGYs were created with a spoonful of cuteness!