‘I Am Abundant’ Crystal Gift Set

‘I Am Abundant’ Crystal Gift Set

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Amplify the power of your intentions and connect with your higher self with our carefully curated ‘I am’ crystal gift set. 

Harness the energies of crystal healing to guide and support you through your daily journey. 

Keep your crystal within sight, carry it in your pocket or wear your crystal so that you are always reminded of your intentions and your daily purpose. 

Repeat the affirmation included in each set to connect the message with your crystals. 

Each crystal set contains

  • Tumbled stone
  • Natural stone
  • Clear quartz point 
  • Crystal chip bracelet 
  • White sage smudge stick 
  • Aligned affirmation card
  • Drawstring pouch

I am ENOUGH - LIGHT BLUE - Turquoise/Calcite